• What is Distizone?

Distizone is a pioneering concept which helps business people to connect with authentic distributors instantly, with the help of a comprehensive and easy-to-use search engine platform.

  • What does Distizone do?

The advanced and intuitive searching facilities on Distizone helps you find out authentic distributors of a brand in a region or country.

  • Am I eligible to register on Distizone?

Anyone can register on Distizone. But, only paid subscribers can view the content and use the facilities in this platform.

  • How does Distizone verify the authenticity of a distributor of a brand?

A distributor needs to submit the certificates and other documents they secured from a brand, and Distizone team will contact the brand and verify the authenticity of the distributor before registering it as an authentic distributor.

  • Who are the main beneficiaries of Distizone?

Traders and Distributors all over the world are the main beneficiaries of Distizone. Traders can easily target and contact with genuine distributors while distributors have a great chance to be recognized by traders and thus gain more business. As for brands and other business people it’s a place for free promotion and valuable information that is not available anywhere.

  • When should a distributor or trader pay for subscription?

Subscription is free for every distributor or trader on Distizone. But, to be listed as an authentic distributor of a brand, you need to pay a certain amount following the verification process. As a paid member, you will get plenty of services from Team Distizone.


  • Why should you sign up for Distizone?

Only registered members can access the exclusive information or use the on-of-its-kind networking facilities on Distizone. If you don’t sign up, you won’t be able to open the search results.

  • How can I contact Distizon Team?

You can contact us anytime, i.e., via phone, email, social media or the forms on Distizone.

  • What is the maximum size of the files I upload to Distizone?

The file sizes shouldn’t exceed not more than ….MB.

  • What should be the dimensions of the logo?

It should be …….x ………

  • Why is my account inactive?

Your account is inactive most probably due to the documents you’ve furnished is expired or your subscription payment is overdue.

  • Is my credit card/debit card secured on Distizone?

The advanced payment gateway system implemented on Distizone guarantee the security of your credit/debit card while making your subscription payments.

  • Can I change my username later?

Yes, you can change the username by following the instructions on Distizone.

  • Can I change the name of the company anytime?

You can change your company name only if you submit relevant documents, such as new trade license copy, authorization certificates, and so on.

  • What is VAT and how will it affect my subscription on Distizone?

Value Added Tax(VAT) at a rate of 5% was implemented in the UAE since January 1, 2018. Hence, there will be an additional 5% charge for all the paid subscription of Distizone services.


  • I entered my email/password combination wrong, and now my account is blocked, what should I do to fix this problem?

Distizone may block your account if you enter your account details wrongly several times. If your account gets blocked, you can contact our team to fix the issue as soon as possible.

  • Can I assign more than one person to manage different brands in my account?

Yes, you can add more assignee to manage one or more brands, whose products you distribute.


For Distributors

  • How can I assign a person in my account?

When you enter the details while signing up as a distributor or trader, you can easily find the areas devoted to the assignee who will handle some aspects of the account on behalf of you.

  • Can I add multiple brands to my account?

For each brand, you must take a separate subscription. Otherwise, you can't manage different brands.

  • Can I assign more than one person to manage different brands in my account?

Yes, you can.

  • What does authorization tag mean?

Once a distributor submits his/her certificates provided by concerned brand, and our thorough verification, we award an authorization tag to the distributor.

  • How long will my subscription as a distributor be live?

Every paid subscription is valid for one year.

  • I am a distributor of the same brand for more than one country. Should I have more than one subscription?

Yes, you should take different subscription for different countries.

  • What is the documentation needed to verify my company?

You need to submit trade license, authorization certificates from the concerned brands, and all other necessary documents from the government authority to prove your authenticity.

  • How can I get a coupon code?

You are likely to get coupon codes for discount, especially when you take multiple subscriptions. 

  • Can I change the assigned person’s details?

Of course, you can change the assigned person’s details any time you want to.


For Traders

  • How does callback request function work?

No traders’ details will be visible on Distizone. It is to keep them from the hassles of unwanted calls or requests. A distributor can only contact the traders registered with Distizone-- that is also only when they get a callback request from traders.

  • How do you rate the performance of distributors?

The rating of distributor’s will be done by Traders registered on Distizone. They asses every authorized distributor according to their performance and market value.

  • With one subscription, can I access all country-wise content of distributors on Distizone?

You can access the content of the distributor belonging to the country where your company is established. To get the content for other countries, you need to pay for each country separately.